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Wicked: The Land of Oz on Broadway

Wicked is said to be one of the best Broadway shows the world has ever seen.

Broadway fans all over the world love this story, since it contains equal shares of depth, meaning and intrigue; Wicked tickets for sale are selling like hotcakes.

The characters not only focused on the basic story the script provides but they also depict a world where there is romance while at the same time showing a corrupted government in the process.

If you are searching for a mind blowing plot, this is the musical show for you. It was first released on October 2003, the original stars were Idina Menzel with the role of Elphaba, Joel Grey as the Wizard in the story and Kristin Chenoweth as Glinda.

The original production won major awards; it has three Tony Awards and was able to bag various Drama desk awards.

It is now on its 10th year anniversary, it is the 11th longest-running Broadway show in history. One show will typically run for 2 hours and 30 minutes including a 15 minute intermission.

What to expect?

Fans can expect a political, social and ethical commentary on the nature of good and evil, while the story centers on the plot story of Land of Oz, most of the commentaries that are present in the show can be connected in real life.

The story will focus on the character of a girl who is smart yet misunderstood; she grows up and becomes the Wicked Witch of the West and Glinda, while a beautiful blonde girl who is popular will grow up to embody the Good Witch of the North.

The viewers are in it for a plot twist, this Broadway show will challenge the viewers to think, and it will make people reflect more on what it means to be “Wicked”.

It has a complicated plot, it is full of twists and turns and is sure to make the viewer’s think more about life and what it means.

In its 10th year anniversary, the show has gone from classic to modern musical; even individuals who are not fond of musicals are going to love this show.

Wicked tickets for sale can be purchased in advance online; there are also a number of websites that are now offering this show since it has started touring in countries located in Asia.