Banwagon Supporters……

Don’t Be a Bandwagon Fan, Support the Wizards

The Washington Wizards, like any other team, can measure their success in relations to their fan base. In fact, fans are the most important part of the team since they are the reason the team exists in the first place and why the coaches, players, and staff are able to earn their money. Their love and dedication forges the true spirit of a team. Through the support of the fans, the players gain confidence.

However, there are two different types of Wizards fans: There are the true and loyal fans, but there are also the bandwagon fans. The loyal fans are the kind that will stick with their team and offer massive support in good or bad times, and will not waver in their support due to bad results. They stay on top of things by making sure that they never miss a game or news story about their team. They will attend all the games that they can, and when they cannot, they make sure that they watch the game on television, listen in on radio or follow it up over the internet. The love of their team will make these fans seek out cheap Wizards tickets, and some of the very loyal fans will even join the team on the road and travel long distances to cheer on their team.

Bandwagon fans are the bad kind of fans. These fans are known to support their team when it is doing well, but will ditch the Wizards when they are going through a rough time. These are the kind of fans that go with the flow, and always want to be associated with the winning team in order to look cool. Teams shouldn’t depend on these kinds of fans, as they cannot guarantee support to the team and give the players the moral boost that they need.