Jay Gruden and The Redskins

The FedExField Stadium: Home to the Washington Redskins

The FedExField Stadium is the official home to the Washington Redskins NFL club. This stadium is located near the Capital Beltway in Prince George’s County, Maryland. It was originally built as the infamous Jack Kent Cooke Stadium until when the international FedEx Company took over the sponsorship and changed the name. The FedExField Stadium is regarded as the largest National Football League venue in terms of regular capacity. The FedEXField has always been a tough place to play in and upset the home team for many NFL clubs. This achievement can be attributed to the passionate Redskins supporters who buy up Cheap Washington Redskins tickets, pull out all the stops to ensure that their team emerges victorious.

The current seating capacity of this stadium stands at 85,000 spectators. The annual season ticket sale in this NFL club exceeds 175,000. This unprecedented record is one of the best in the history of the NFL. The current club owner, Daniel Snyder is optimistic that these numbers will increase in the coming years. Snyder has great prospects for the Redskins home stadium with rumors saying that he is planning and willing to expand the stadium into a 90,000 seating capacity in the coming few years. Only time will tell if he will realize his dream of creating a mega stadium. The current Washington Redskins head coach Jay Gruden says that the stadium’s capacity and the ardent fans play a key role in the club’s success. Expanding the stadium will definitely mean more fans and perhaps more trophies.
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