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CenturyLink Field Is Easily Accessible

If you have been thinking of a cool and serene environment to watch football, think no more, for the CenturyLink field is the best place in America to be, especially with the prices of cheap Seattle Seahawks tickets. This is the home stadium for the Seattle Seahawks football team. It is situated in the Pacific North west region of the greater North America. It’s a club that has the most cheering fans in the world of football. This is a true place to join in an entertaining football spirit that is fun. The stadium was built between the years 2000 and 2002 with a seating capacity of sixty seven thousand people.

Nevertheless, there is available space for increasing its capacity to a seventy two thousand seating capacity in the near future. The comfort of this particular stadium is one of a kind where every seat was designed for the state of the art. People with disabilities are not denied their right to watch the match. Having this into consideration, there are one thousand four hundred special seats for the disabled located in alternate sections of the stadium. Due to its unique features such as being the first in the National Football League to implement the Field Turf, artificial field, it hosted the 2010 and the 2011 tournaments for the U.S open cup, which turned out to be a great success.

Transport services to and from the stadium are well taken care of. There are local buses that operate within the sections of the stadium where bus service is welcome – the metro bus service offers express travels to and from several areas of the stadium. Not only do buses operate, but also train services are available to ease the traffic. A true football spirit is found at the CenturyLink field and cheap Seattle Seahawks tickets are readily available for all the season long games at the club’s website and are classified as per the zones, seat features and the delivery methods to the convenience of the fan.